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MDC200 Microscope CMOS Camera
Digital Camera for Microscope (2M Pixels)

This digital camera (USB 2.0) is professionally designed for microscopes. It works perfectly with all types of optical microscopes (Biological, Stereo and metallurgical, etc.). The images of the observed specimen or sample can be accurately displayed and captured on the computer screen. The included advanced application software allows for simple and convenient manipulation of the captured images from the microscope!

Fast Live Image

The digital microscope camera MDC200 allows for quick and precise setting of specimen and microscope, and hence provides comfortable operation. The fast live image, available in several resolutions, meets the requirements of professionals and makes the MDC200 a first choice imaging solution for usage in education institutes and training labs.

High Resolution and Good Color Reproduction

Best image quality is the specialty of MDC200 cameras. Providing a resolution of up to 2 mega pixel and a subtle color differentiation, the microscope camera MDC200 captures excellent digital images, especially when contrast methods with high light intensities are applied. The integrated CCD sensor is absolutely resistant against blooming and shows superior performance in imaging highlights.

Fits Easily into any Laboratory

Configured with standard interfaces such as eyepiece tube or C-Mount(#5872) and USB2.0, the microscope camera MDC200 easily connects to any microscope and computer. Delivery includes MiniSee or ScopePhoto image acquisition software with comprehensive functionality designed for intuitive handling. The MDC200 camera is dedicated to brightfield and reflective light microscopy, but also suitable for many other contrast methods in light microscopy.
It is ideal for a broad range of clinical, diagnostic, and educational applications with its rapid, real-time live display, stunning color, and crisp detail. Pathologists, cytologists, hematologists, and microbiologists are sure to love the accurate color reproduction of their specimens. This is also a great camera for a wide range of end users who require a camera for documentation purposes including bright fluorescence and dark field (low light level),On board hardware auto white balance, auto exposure, digital image processing. High speed, true color and excellent quality images. This all-in-one digital-imaging unit for taking high-contrast, crisp fluorescence, especially suitable for moderate moving object, such as for auto-focus (thus dynamic) , phase contrast (low contrast), differential interface contrast (low contrast), polarization microscopy.
If the microscope adapted with MDC200 digital eyepiece camera is earthed definitely, the metal body of the camera ensures wonderful anti-interference.

General Features:

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Resolution: 1600*1200 (2M pixels)
  • For Live image and still picture
  • Sensor: 1/3 inch Super Color HPCCD
  • Connect to 23.2mm & 30mm / 30.5mm
  • Video frame Rate: up to 20 frame-per-second

Technical Specifications:

PC Interface USB 2.0,support
Sensor 1/3 inch, Super Color HPCCD, 2 M Pixels
Maximum Resolution 1600*1200
Frame Rate 12 fps at 1600*1200 , 20 fps at 640*480
Video Mode 1600*1200,1024*768, 800*600,640*480
Dynamic Range 65dB
Sensitivity 0.45V 706cd/m2, color temperature of 3200K
Color Max 1.64 million 24Bit Color
Color Mode Color / Mono , R-G-B / B-G-R
Driver Direct Show & Twain
Power Source From USB 2.0 Port
Image Control White balance: Automatic and Manu R-G-B
Exposure: Auto Exposure / Target / Time
Color: Color-Mono / Gamma / Saturation / Contrast
Misc: Flip-Horizontal / Flip-Vertical
Frame Rate: Low / Medium / High

* Please use this Camera after confirming your PC specifications.

Special Function:

  • Live capture quick measure
  • Video scale (e.g.100* 20┬Ám)
  • Video Marker (e.g.. size, color, position can be changed)
  • Video Date Marker
  • Video Clarity Factor
  • Manual Fusion (make image large depth of field)
  • Auto Fusion (Need DAF Z-axis controller)

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Body length: 4.3" / 110 mm (H)
  • Body Diameter: 2.36" / 60 mm (D)
  • Cable length: 59.1" / 1.5 m
  • Body with USB cable: 0.62 lbs / 280 g
  • Total unit with cable weight: 1.32 lbs / 600 g
  • Package Size: 16.5 mm (L)* 14.5 mm (W) * 8.5 mm (H)

Package Includes:

  • Digital Microscope Eyepiece Camera
  • CD: Driver and Software (ScopePhoto, MiniSee)
  • Two adaptors (dia.30mm, dia.30.5mm, one each)
  • High-Speed USB2.0 cable (1.5m)
  • User manual
  • Optional Accessories:TS-M1 or TS-M2 Calibration Slide(Stage Micrometer)

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 2.0GHz processor minimum (Recommend Dual core 2.8GHz or faster)
  • Windows 2000/XP(SP2-SP3)/ Vista
  • DirectX 9.0 or later
  • 1GB RAM or more
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 32-bit color graphics card
  • 21" display monitor or larger
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 Port

Demo of CD:


Please do not attempt to open the camera case. There are no user serviceable parts inside.If you have any problems with the instrument quality or the operation, please contact with us or the distributor where you bought the instrument.
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