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ACM35 Microscope Video Eyepiece
Video Camera for Microscope (0.35M Pixels)


  • A video camera professionally designed for microscope. It works perfectly with all kinds of optical microscopes, such as biological microscope, metallurgical microscope and stereomicroscope. The images of the observed specimen or samples will be genuinely displayed on TV screen.
  • Employs newly designed optical system of fully coated, based on MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) analysis, for improved image flatness and contrast. The images are brighter and distinct even at the periphery of the field of view. It offers excellent performance when combined with plan-achromatic objectives system. Especially, it matches the specific characters of microscope, such as the parfocalization of objectives.
  • Has a wide field, which matches microscope's field of view.
  • Inserted directly into the ocular-tube or the photo-tube for operation. With the adaptor Dia.30mm or the adaptor Dia.30.5mm included, it is also workable on a stereomicroscope.
  • Makes the image with true color.
  • Video Camera Looks Like an Eyepiece.It Can be Easily Inserted into Eyepiece Tube of Microscope.The Video Micro-Image Displays Immediately on TV.Set.It is Suitable for Image Demonstration. High Resolution TURE COLOR CMOS Chip. 420 TV lines Supplies a Nice Image on TV Set.


Image Sensor 1/3 inch CMOS chip, 350K pixels, offering color image
Resolution VGA (628*582 pixels) VGA (510*492 pixels)
Output AV
Min. illumination < 5LUX @ F1.4 3000K
S/N Ratio 40dB
Power Adaptor 220V / 50Hz-60Hz 110V/50Hz-60Hz
Exposure Auto-exposure
White-balance White-balance, controlled by a manual button on the body
View field Inscribed rectangle of D18 mm
Mounting port Microscope ocular-tube or photo-tube
Accessories Two adaptors (Dia.30mm, Dia.30.5mm, one each)
Camera size Blackened metal body of cylinder shape Dia.50 mm


SIZE: 16.5*14.5*8.5cm about 0.6Kg/pcs
STANDARD PACKAGE: 20pcs/BOX 45*35*31cm about 12Kg


Please do not attempt to open the camera case. There are no user serviceable parts inside.If you have any problems with the instrument quality or the operation, please contact with us or the distributor where you bought the instrument.
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