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Mintron MTV-63V3HN Low Light Color CCD Camera

The Mintron MTV-63V3HN is a high sensitivity color CCD camera for low light applications. Camera paramters may be controlled wither via an on screen display or remotely via RS-232. Features include digital zoom, horizontal or vertical image flip, auto exposure control (1/120,000 to 4 seconds), gamma, smear rejection, and back light compensation, alarm out for motion detection, and picture freeze. Both Y/C and composite video outputs are provided.


  • 1/3-in. CCD IT
  • 811 x 508 Pixels
  • Y/C & Composite Color
  • 12VDC
  • Auto Expsoure Ctrl 1/120,000 to 4 Seconds (Star Mode), Back Light Compensation
price: $ 395.00
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