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Hitachi KP-D20B Color CCD Camera

The Hitachi KP-D20B is a compact color camera featuring 3rd generation digital signal processing (DSP). The KP-D20B has a 1/2-in CCD with a minimum sensitivity of 1.5 Lux. An On-Screen-Menu system allows for easy selection and adjustment of all camera parameters, such as video level, black level, chroma level, and enhancement, white balance, and shutter control. All parameters may also be controlled via an RS-232 interface. Windows software is provided.



  • 1/2 in. IT CCD
  • 768x494 Pixel Array
  • NTSC Composite & S-Video Analog Output
  • Requires 12 VDC Power Supply ( See Below )
  • C/CS Lens MOunt, RS-232 Control, Backlight Compensation


  • 45601-C1 +12VDC Power Supply
    3-Pin Fujima Connector, , 1.2 Amp 90-220 VAC 50/60Hz 5% Regulated
  • C/CS Lens Mount Adapter
    Adapts C-Mount Lens to Cameras with CS-Mounts. 5mm Spacer.
  • TA-D20A Hitachi Tripod Mount Adapter
    Provides U1/4-20 and U2/3-16 threaded holes for standard tripods. For Hitachi KP-D20 cameras.
  • C9D232C-6 Remote RS-232 Cable, 2 Meters
    For Hitachi KP-D20A, KP-D20B, HV-D25, HV-D27, HV-D30, and HV-D37 Cameras.
  • Epix PIXCI-SV5 Color Analog Framegrabber
    The PIXCI-SV5 is an analog framegrabber for monochrome or color image acquisitions from S-Video, RS-170, CCIR, NTSC, or PAL video formats.
  • 12 Ft S-Video Cable
    Standard S-Video Cable, 4-Pin Mini DIN
  • 12 Ft. Coaxial Video Cable
    RG-58/U BNC-BNC Connector
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