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Hitachi KP-D20A Color CCD Camera

The Hitachi KP-D20A is a compact color camera featuring 3rd generation digital signal processing (DSP). The KP-D20A has a 1/3-in CCD with a minimum sensitivity of 1.5 Lux. An On-Screen-Menu system allows for easy selection and adjustment of all camera parameters, such as video level, black level, chroma level, and enhancement, white balance, and shutter control.

All Kp-D20A parameters may also be controlled via an RS-232 interface. Windows software is available as well as the RS-232 protocol to allow custom software development for the KP-D20A.

The KP-D20A has a CS style lens mount, an optional C/CS adapter is available to accept a C-Mount lens



  • 1/3 in. IT CCD
  • 768x494 Pixel Array( 3X)
  • NTSC Composite & S-Video Analog Output
  • Requires 12 VDC Power Supply ( See Below )
  • C/CS Lens MOunt, RS-232 Control, Backlight Compensation


  • 45601-C1 +12VDC Power Supply
    3-Pin Fujima Connector, , 1.2 Amp 90-220 VAC 50/60Hz 5% Regulated
  • C/CS Lens Mount Adapter
    Adapts C-Mount Lens to Cameras with CS-Mounts. 5mm Spacer.
  • TA-D20A Hitachi Tripod Mount Adapter
    Provides U1/4-20 and U2/3-16 threaded holes for standard tripods. For Hitachi KP-D20 cameras.
  • C9D232C-6 Remote RS-232 Cable, 2 Meters
    For Hitachi KP-D20A, KP-D20B, HV-D25, HV-D27, HV-D30, and HV-D37 Cameras.
  • Epix PIXCI-SV5 Color Analog Framegrabber
    The PIXCI-SV5 is an analog framegrabber for monochrome or color image acquisitions from S-Video, RS-170, CCIR, NTSC, or PAL video formats.
  • 12 Ft S-Video Cable
    Standard S-Video Cable, 4-Pin Mini DIN
  • 12 Ft. Coaxial Video Cable
    RG-58/U BNC-BNC Connector
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