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Hitachi HV-D30 3-CCD Color Camera

The Hitachi HV-D30 is a compact, high resolution, 3-CCD color camera with a third-generation 14-bit DSP and a signal-to-noise ratio of 64 dB.

The HV-D30 outputs 30 frames per second and offers multi-step electronic shutter and extended exposure control for extremely low-light operation.

The Hitachi HV-D30 also offers a Field-on-Demand function, an external trigger mode, and an RS-232 control interface.

Optional accessories for the Hitachi HV-D30 include various breakout cable configurations, pan=tilt mounting systems, and a remote control box and cables.

Select NTSC or PAL video format below.


  • 1/3 in. 3-CCD IT Sensor
  • 768x494 Pixel Array ( 3X)
  • NTSC Composite S-Video, RGB Analog Video Output
  • Requires 12 VDC Power Supply ( See Below )
  • RS-232 Control, High Sensitivity


45601-C1 +12VDC Power Supply
3-Pin Fujima Connector, , 1.2 Amp 90-220 VAC 50/60Hz 5% Regulated

price:$ 2,295.00
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