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A powerful DSP provides sophisticated white balance control and color shading. Other features include external trigger input, strobe output for flash devices, extended and exposure control for low light operation.
  • 1/3 in. CCD
  • 768x494 Pixel Array
  • NTSC Composite, S-Video, RGB Analog Output
  • Requires 12 VDC Power Supply
  • Includes Connector Kit, RS-232 Control

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Welcome to the premiere site for finding the right microscope camera for your application. We carry a large selection of microscopy photography equipment including CCD cameras, USB digital cameras, video capturing cameras, and specialty models for fluorescence microscopy, dark field analysis, and normal brightfield imaging.

Don’t have a digital microscope? Terrified of the prices for a USB digital microscope with any decent resolution? You have come to the right discount store. Our fine selection of digital USB computer connected microscope cameras allows your existing microscopy equipment to be turned into a state-of-the-art digital microscopic imaging system. Choose from our low cost, lower resolution units to our middle grade and our best, professional research grade, high pixel resolution models. We have the digital image capture equipment to fit your budget and requirements.
model: HV-D30
Hitachi HV-D30 3-CCD Color Camera
$ 2,295.00
model: KP-D20A
Hitachi KP-D20A Color CCD Camera
$ 469.00
model: KP-D20B
Hitachi KP-D20B Color CCD Camera
$ 595.00
model: 12V6HC-EX
Mintron 12V6HC-EX Near IR Monochrome CCD Camera - CCIR
$ 425.00
model: 12V6HE-EX
Mintron 12V6HE-EX Near IR Monochrome CCD Camera
$ 425.00
model: MTV-12W1E
Mintron MTV-12W1E Monochrome CCD Camera
$ 395.00
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